Pink Is Over – This Is The Trending Colour To Wear Now

Pink or yellow ?! Everyone loves a kooky colour trend, and as millennial pink’s gentle rhubarb tones fade into a sartorial slumber, it’s time for a new kid on the block. Enter Gen Z yellow – the muted lemon-gone-honey hue that’s set to steal millennial pink’s rose-tinted thunder. Much like its predecessor in its prime,… Read More »

Signs Your Soul Craves a Complete Detox

  Perhaps, you have already heard of the partial and full body detox many times, but did you ever think of a spiritual detox? Just like your body, your soul can suffer from negativity and clutter of a modern living. Here is when you should start your complete spiritual detox: 1. You are happy for… Read More »

Biggest Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2018

The concept of “fashion” can be said to have been born ever since the primitive men understood what clothes were, what they could be made from and how they could be worn. Over the years, these clothes have been made from different materials and with the advent of technology, which aided ingenuity, many have begun… Read More »

Ways to Manifest Goals

Women are praised for having outstanding leadership skills and most times, exhibit leadership styles associated with efficient performance as leaders when compared to men. However, women are not necessarily placed in a vantage position since a lot of things are expected from them to prove their ability to lead. Female leaders are also faced with… Read More »