It Is Okay to Not Be Full of Passion

1 of 20 Master’s degree programs include 18 different Master of Education specializations, two Master of Arts in Teaching specializations, a Master of Public Health, and six Master of Science programs in areas like addiction counseling, criminal justice, professional counseling, and psychology, and multiple MBA and Master of Science in Nursing specializations and a good… Read More »

Money-Saving Tax Tips That Really Work

Whether you are keenly aware of your financial responsibilities, or more of a head-in-the-sand kind of person, taxes are one area that we just can’t get away from. But there is more to tax that just working out how much money to hand over to the government each year. There are a lot of schemes… Read More »

Straightforward Be Proud of Your Personality

There are so many different types of people with different personalities which makes life intriguing, to say the least. But trying to figure out how to get along with all these different types can be challenging, especially when you are a straightforward type of person. Many people have a hard time understanding just what your… Read More »

Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit

It seems that the happiest people are the ones who get to work in the field they are most passionate about. If you truly love what you do, then work never feels like something you do not want to do. Whether you take up a side gig in order to earn money from your passion,… Read More »

Tips for Keeping Your Complexion Gorgeous

As the weather changes, so do we. Subtle differences in our hormones, sleep patterns and general health all have a knock-on effect on our outer appearance. Our skin may react by either drying up or breaking out. Here are my top tips to keep your complexion fresh and calm as the season changes. 1. Make… Read More »

Your Bleeding Heart Will Finally Heal

Broken hearts are painful. Highly painful. You might want to feel sorry for yourself, hide in a dark room, and seclude yourself from others. At times, it might feel impossible to mend a broken heart. It might even feel as if it is not worth going on because of the pain. However, your bleeding heart… Read More »

Ways to Spring Clean Your Financial House

The holiday season is over, which means it is time to get organized in all aspects of life, including your finances. Decluttering your financial house is a crucial step to take in order to ensure a successful year and attract prosperity into your life. Think it is too early for spring cleaning? Nope. The earlier… Read More »

What If There Was No Valentine’s Day on February 14th

Valentine’s Day is an interesting holiday. There are many thoughts on the origination of the holiday, but that is a whole other topic. Some people adore Valentine’s Day, and others simply despise it. It can be a hard holiday to endure for those who are alone or not recognized on that day. I wonder. What… Read More »

Times You Might Mistake Passion for Flakiness

Everyone has that one person on their friend list who just never seems to be around or makes plans then cancels on the day of. This person is inconsistent, all over the place, and always seems to have something going on in their life. You might call them (or people like me) a flake, but… Read More »

How to Visualize Your 2017 Goals More Effectively

The end of the year brings about the tradition of resolutions. Although goal-making is something you should be active in year-round, there is no better time than now to acquire some new skills in “goal visualization.” Whether you are a master at sticking to your resolutions, or you are like most of us who fall… Read More »