How to Visualize Your 2017 Goals More Effectively

1 Of 12 Master’s degree programs include 18 different Master of Education specializations, two Master of Arts in Teaching specializations, a Master of Public Health, and six Master of Science programs in areas like addiction counseling, criminal justice, professional counseling, and psychology, and multiple MBA and Master of Science in Nursing specializations and a good… Read More »

To the Girl Who Openly Questions Her Worth

Dear beautiful soul, standing alone in front the distorted mirror. Your makeup might be smeared, and your eyes might be bloodshot. Please stop staring at your warped reflection with your skin crawling in ways that make you feel sick. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and know that you are loved. When you are… Read More »

Benefits of Saying ‘ I Am Okay ’

“I am fine.” “I am all right.” “I am okay.” We hear and use these phrases every single day when communicating with other people. So ubiquitous are these lines that some psychologists even call them a “conditioned response” to specific questions. People might even be telling you to stop saying, “I am okay,” so often,… Read More »

Reasons to Invest in a Barndominium

If you are a fan of HGTV, no doubt you have seen the phenomenon that is known as Fixer Upper, a show that has turned into an empire with Chip and Joanna Gaines at the helm. In the last season of their show, one of the most popular episodes involved the couple renovating an old… Read More »

Ways to Save Money When Shopping in London

I grew up in Bournemouth, on the south coast of the UK. I first went on a shopping trip to London as a teenager with a friend and her mum, which was beyond exciting at the time. Now in my thirties, I live and work in London. It has become my home and I am… Read More »

Riding a Shinkansen in Japan Is So Worth It

One of the most quintessential images of Japan is where you see the bullet train, known as the shinkansen, whizzing by Mt. Fuji on a crystal clear day. When I first saw the shinkansen, it was in a blink. The aerodynamic nose and compact cars were just a streak. One moment it was gone, with… Read More »

Techniques to Become a Better You

A distorted mind does not only come into play when writing horror novels or Tarantino-esque films. No, even the way you look at yourself in the morning can be altered by your perception of the world. Gaining better control of your thoughts and emotions is just one advantage of using some cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment… Read More »

Perks of Plank Exercises and How to Perform Them

Bodyweight exercises are the ultimate way to begin strengthening your body for better health and functional movement for the rest of your life. When it comes to some of the best exercises for total body fitness, planks are at the top of the list. Not only are there multiple variations, whatever your fitness level may… Read More »

Christmas Gifts to Consider

Christmas is fast approaching but you are flat broke with no substantial amount of the green stuff to buy your loved ones their dream gifts. But it is the thought that counts, right? Well, if that saying is right, why not create some homemade gifts that are cheap, easy to DIY, and can be shoveled… Read More »

Fantastic Things about Losing My Job

This summer my worst nightmare came true. My full-time job came to an abrupt end. Being thrown into the unknown terrified me at first. But once I got over the initial fear hump it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, despite the sudden lack of wages and predictability. Here are four fantastic things… Read More »