Wrong Money Beliefs to Eliminate from Your Mind

By | January 11, 2016

1. I will never improve my finances

Yes, you will never improve your finances if you continue moaning about it every minute. Positivity breeds positive actions and positive results. Think of all possible ways to increase your income, choose the best one and use it to move your finances forward. Maybe you need to change your job, break bad habits and party less. Reduce your expenses and make smart purchases. You can save hundreds of dollars each month just by budgeting your money properly. Stay positive and believe in yourself.

2. I can’t build my savings account

One of my best friends who have a higher paycheck than I have always complain that she can’t build her savings account because she can’t afford it. But she can afford to buy plenty of expensive things that she doesn’t need at all. I don’t judge her, but when she asked me how to save money and I shared my secret with her, she told me that saving is not as difficult as she thought. Regardless of your income, you cab build your savings account. If you can’t deposit $100-$300 a month, consider depositing $50 a month. Even $10-20 a month will be enough to grow your savings account balance.

3. I will never become rich

I don’t like the word ‘never’ and I don’t like when people say that they will never do anything. If you believe that you will never become rich, no wonder you are not rich. But I wonder why so many people want to be rich and what they do to reach their financial goals. First of all, they waste their lives. The only goal they set is to earn money and nothing more. Remember, you can earn enough money to live a happy life, but don’t aim to make as much money as possible, because you will never achieve this goal.

4. I will never pay off my debts

It’s easy to run into debt, but it’s so hard to settle it. However, don’t say that you will never pay off your debts. When you manage your money properly, it’s possible to pay more than your minimum, which will help you get out of a debt in a year. Don’t allow your debts control your mind and your life, you are strong enough to control your debts.

5. I’m the only one who has financial setbacks

Believe it or not, but you are not the only one who has financial problems. Life is full of problems, including financial ones. Most of us have to deal with those problems each day and there’s nothing wrong with that. Stay positive, think clearly and you will be able to cope with any financial setback.

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