8.Ways to Change Unhealthy Eating Habits

By | January 11, 2016

1. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store

While there are a few wholesome offerings in the center of the supermarket, most aisles are full of preservative-laden chips, cookies and crackers. Avoid most of that packaged stuff and opt to shop along the store’s outer edges instead. Using this tactic will be a great start in your quest to live the clean lifestyle.

2.Fresh is better

When it comes to filling your plate, fresh cuisine is the best option. Fruits and vegetables that have been picked recently will give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function at the highest level. Select foods that leave out all the preservatives and additives to stay at your peak.

3. Go for lean meats

If you’re trying to eat clean, it’s best to choose lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish. These proteins are typically better for you than fattier cuts of red meat. In addition, steer clear of anything breaded or fried. Instead, grill, roast or steam your way to a clean diet.

4.Drink plenty of water

For a clean diet, you should be sure to drink water rather than unhealthy beverages like soda. Try to sip it throughout the day and strive to consume about eight glasses. Drinking water will help you flush toxins out of your system and can even aid in digestion.

5.Reach for whole grains

Another tip for eating clean is to choose whole grains like brown rice and whole-wheat bread instead of processed white varieties. Not only are whole-grain items more nutritious, they’re also richer in natural, earthy flavor. You will be eating cleaner without sacrificing on taste.

6.Practice intuitive eating

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