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Halloween After Party Meals

While everyone is throwing creepy bashes right now, there are those who think ahead and already start planning their Halloween after party meals. Whether you are going to host another party to celebrate the first day of the last fall month or you just want to enjoy one more day of Halloween spirit, here are… Read More »

Things You Never Knew About Watermelon

With summer now here, there is nothing better than to slice up fresh watermelon to enjoy on a hot day. There is nothing more refreshing! But no matter how well you think you know watermelon, there is a lot you will be surprised to learn about this summer staple. 1. It has a national holiday… Read More »

Christmas Gifts to Consider

Christmas is fast approaching but you are flat broke with no substantial amount of the green stuff to buy your loved ones their dream gifts. But it is the thought that counts, right? Well, if that saying is right, why not create some homemade gifts that are cheap, easy to DIY, and can be shoveled… Read More »

I Am a Picky Eater and I Am Proud of It

I have been a picky eater since I realized what I needed to put in my body and what I had to refuse. I was 5 years old when I first realized I was overweight. Actually, I was born overweight – my mom expected a baby boy so a baby girl was a surprise to… Read More »

Last-Minute Fourth of July Dessert Ideas

1. The Fourth of July Dessert Pizza Who doesn’t love pizza? Dessert pizza is becoming popular this summer as well. One of the benefits of serving a dessert pizza is because it is healthy – the fruits are packed with vitamins and antioxidants – and super easy to make. Start making the dough disc right… Read More »

Nifty Ways to Stick to Your Diet at Parties

1. Drink plenty of water Drinking water will both hydrate you and fill you up, which will help you eat less food during a party. It’s important to remember that people often mistake thirst for hunger and eat before having a glass of water. Always make sure to have a glass of water before you… Read More »