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Straightforward Be Proud of Your Personality

There are so many different types of people with different personalities which makes life intriguing, to say the least. But trying to figure out how to get along with all these different types can be challenging, especially when you are a straightforward type of person. Many people have a hard time understanding just what your… Read More »

Benefits of Saying ‘ I Am Okay ’

“I am fine.” “I am all right.” “I am okay.” We hear and use these phrases every single day when communicating with other people. So ubiquitous are these lines that some psychologists even call them a “conditioned response” to specific questions. People might even be telling you to stop saying, “I am okay,” so often,… Read More »

Techniques to Become a Better You

A distorted mind does not only come into play when writing horror novels or Tarantino-esque films. No, even the way you look at yourself in the morning can be altered by your perception of the world. Gaining better control of your thoughts and emotions is just one advantage of using some cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment… Read More »