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Benefits of Saying ‘ I Am Okay ’

“I am fine.” “I am all right.” “I am okay.” We hear and use these phrases every single day when communicating with other people. So ubiquitous are these lines that some psychologists even call them a “conditioned response” to specific questions. People might even be telling you to stop saying, “I am okay,” so often,… Read More »

Techniques to Become a Better You

A distorted mind does not only come into play when writing horror novels or Tarantino-esque films. No, even the way you look at yourself in the morning can be altered by your perception of the world. Gaining better control of your thoughts and emotions is just one advantage of using some cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment… Read More »

Cool Halloween Costumes

You can finally rock the look you have always wanted without fear of being judged by a high school crowd. With Halloween just around the corner, the time is perfect to spice up your wardrobe and come up with a wild, attention catching costume idea. Here are some unique costume ideas for 20 something girls… Read More »

Quick Facial Workouts to Enhance Your Beauty

Just like your body needs regular exercises, your face needs some once in a while. While it is crucial to be gentle with your facial muscles – no one wants saggy skin and early wrinkles – performing these five facial exercises will only benefit your face beauty. When performed correctly, facial workouts can help you… Read More »

Girl Who Has Never Been in Love

In whatever way you found this open letter, I would like you to read it. I mean really read it, because it is for you, dear, the one who’s starting to think that maybe love is just fantasy. These words are for you by someone who has been there too: You are not alone So… Read More »