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Pros and Cons of Supplementing Your Dog

Every time you bring your pooch to the groomers or for a fun obedience class at the local PetSmart, you may sometimes see advertisements about dog supplements for health. These nutraceuticals, or functional foods, are touted as beneficial additions to your dog’s diet and health. But is buying supplements for Fido and Fifi worth it?… Read More »

Important Tips for Jogging with Your Dog

  1. Choose a comfortable dog leash Jogging with your dog is a challenging process because even smart and obedient dogs can easily shift the focus from jogging to something else due to the influence of conditioned reflexes and other things.If you want to make your jogging effective, invest in a high-quality dog leash to… Read More »

Most Interesting Facts about Beagles

1. They are extremely noisy Following up on this, you must be prepared for the second given for a beagle owner – loud and often non-stop howling, or baying, when on a scent, any scent. My doggie tends to bark at everything he sees: leaves, nearby dogs, children and toys he can’t reach. Many dog… Read More »