Ways Entertain Your Child Without Relying Technology

By | March 17, 2016

1. A magic box

Perhaps, it’s the easiest way to entertain your child without having to spend money. When you are a child, a cardboard box may be a great toy. You can entertain you child for hours if you give a good cardboard box to them. It can become a rocket ship, a car, an underwater grotto, or a cave with almost no effort. Just let your child color their magic box as they wish and they are sure to stay entertained the whole evening.

2. Fill up your bathtub

If you have a little kid, they will definitely enjoy sitting in the warm water (make sure the water is not hot) and pouring water in and out of measuring cups, bowls, water bottles, spoons, and egg separators. If your child is older, they can give their doll or stuffed animal a bath. They can also build a soap tower using the bubble bath.

3. Digging

Digging in the dirt is something any child enjoys doing. My little ones like it and I’ve decided to dedicate a whole corner of the backyard for them to dig anytime they want. Give your child a trowel or large spoon and let them dig. I like burying some pennies for my kids to discover. Give it a try, too. Your child will have a lot of fun, I promise.

4. A blanket fort

Take a few blankets and help your child to create a blanket fort. Lay some blankets over the furniture in your child’s bedroom and use some clothespins or books to hold them in place. Crawl into your fort with several flashlights and a few good books and spend the evening reading to one another. You can also add a few sleeping bags for a fantastic overnight adventure.

5. Fabric scraps

Since I’m fond of sewing, I have a few bins full of leftover fabrics which I use to entertain my kids. If you also have some leftover fabrics, give them to your child when they get bored. Your child can make pillows and blankets for their dolls and stuffed animals. Or, maybe your kid is creative enough to create some mini masterpieces.