Ways to Know If You Are an Earth Angel

By | November 3, 2017


On a deep spiritual level, everything is made of light and energy. Some people are more in tune with their spiritual sense or have certain characteristics that allow them to vibrate at a higher frequency.
Among these higher dimensional humans include indigos, starseeds, blue rays, lightworkers and the “earth angel,” a being that is brought onto this planet to serve humanity and earth.
The question, however, is whether or not you are an earth angel. If you are, your soul has come from the 7th and 9th dimensions, places where love and light shine endlessly.
This does not mean your human incarnation is perfect or just or even kind all the time. Being an earth angel simply means that your calling is to help others in the same way and assist in the ascension process.

1. Alone time

Whenever pandemonium is unleashed in the world, whether as a storm of violence or torrential negative emotions, the earth angel will retreat for a time.
Solitude is a necessary part of any earth angel’s life, as they feel separating from civilization is exactly what will recharge their energy levels. Sometimes this means spending days inside with a book. For others, this alone time could be long periods of meditation.

2. Strong intuition

Presently stated was that earth angels are sensitive. This hyper-awareness of emotions and energy boosts reliance on intuition. Earth angels are left-brained to the nth power.
Therefore, if you are an earth angel, you will be creative, love stories, music, and connecting with people on a much more intuitive level. Heart over head is your motto.

3. High sensitivity

Earth angels did not simply descend to Earth to spend their days working a corporate job (though there are some who do). Saving the planet and the people on it is a heavy burden to bear, and since earth angels can feel the pain of the world and people, they will often become frustrated, tired, and desperate to change something.
Loud places filled with people are not enjoyable to the highly sensitive earth angel, who prefers peace. Earth angels, like empaths, cannot tolerate wanton displays of violence and negativity either.

4. Purpose

Unlike “normal” people, an earth angel is a lone wolf. You will have the tendency to think outside of the box. Not only that, but as an earth angel, the normal rules that most people have chosen to live by do not necessarily apply to you… because you seek to break them.
Furthermore, where most people would choose to adhere to the social structure of 9-5 jobs, the earth angel believes in fulfillment through humanitarianism, such as social work, therapy, and counseling.

5. Deep compassion

As mentioned earlier, earth angels feel things very deeply. Have you ever simply looked at someone and just knew that they were suffering? What did you do? An earth angel will literally drop everything to somehow relieve some of that pain.
Not only does the earth angel seek to make the day slightly more positive, they can do so because they live in constant uncertainty and know how scary the world can be.

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