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24 in. W 12.7 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in White, Counter Depth

24 in. W 12.7 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in White, Counter Depth

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Our small space bottom freezer refrigerator helps make the most of every inch. Make room for tall items with flexible storage bins and look forward to an organized freezer with a large freezer drawer. When you're away, optimize energy efficiency with auto hibernate mode.

Flexi-Slide bins: Make space for tall condiments and wine bottles in the door with bins that quickly and easily slide up or down, even when fully loaded
Technology adjusts the temperature inside the refrigerator based on how often the door is opened so that it operates efficiently while you're away
Free up shelf space with a gallon door bin that fits items like a 2 l soda bottle or gallon of milk, giving you flexibility when and where you need it
Optional icemaker adds convenient, easily accessible ice without having to worry about refilling ice trays
With ample room for frozen meals or even a frozen turkey, enjoy more meal flexibility with a large freezer drawer
Chill drinks fast in the freezer, a helpful tone will remind you after 30-minutes so you can grab properly chilled drinks when you need them, even for last-minute guests
Quickly lower the refrigerator temperature with the push of a button when you need to rapidly cool freshly bought groceries or other foods
Store plenty of meat and cheese with a deli drawer
Easily adjust the temperature without opening the refrigerator door with digital temperature controls that are as easy to clean as they are to use
Keep food looking as good as it tastes, light is cast inside the refrigerator so food looks like it's supposed to
Adaptive defrost automatically monitors the freezer environment and runs the cycle only when necessary
Easily avoid unintended use by holding down the control lock button for 3-seconds to lock the refrigerator controls
Store more items on each shelf with wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves in the fridge and freezer, which offer greater storage flexibility
Access food from either direction with doors that can hinge on the right or left
Energy Star

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