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UltraEase Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane

UltraEase Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane

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Compatible with our Whirlpool WHAROS5, WHER25, and WHAPSRO systems, this replacement membrane is stage 2 in the reverse osmosis filtration process. Made using a high-quality polyamide composite material, the WHEERM membrane features a semi-permeable barrier that filters large amounts of impurities from your water, due to its extremely low micron rating. Their encapsulated filter design feature means filter changes are quick and mess-free. No tools. No need to shut off water supply. No touching dirty filters. For best filtration results, please replace your WHEERM membrane every 1-year to 3-years, as recommended.

Replacement Whirlpool WHEERM reverse osmosis membrane (fits systems WHAROS5, WHAPSRO, and WHER25)
System is certified to reduce numerous contaminants including chlorine taste and odor, sediment, cysts, lead, chemicals, and dissolved solids
2-year filter life - replace your systems membrane every 1-year to 2-year depending on your water conditions, it is essential to change your filters on time to ensure your system is working properly
Ultraease filter replacement - change filter in seconds with just a quarter turn no hassles, no mess, no need to turn off your water supply
Designed for use with municipal and private well water supplies

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